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jerry LaFaery

“A viewer’s propensity towards the ‘majic’ of apophenia* may bring unintended meaning to these pieces, and with this an opportunity for the viewer to explore or confront their own methods of ‘meaning-making’.”

A spArrow fleW into my house …

birds in houses have been thought of as prophetic harbingers. The siZe, colour and whether the bird is dead or Alive, contribute to the fULL meaning of the message. A white bird means death, while a sparrow is considered a psychOPOMp**; collecting and guiding souls to an afterlife.

We are meaning-making machines, solving puzzle after puzzle. Our existence in the conscious and unconscious planes are the same, both psychOPOMpic and hypNOpOMpic** with an ever changing synesthetic*** current winding through our beliefs in order to make meaning.

As babies we are natural born synesthetes. 

As we grOW, most of us separate and compartmentalize in order to understand and express our experiences and connect with others. 

As children we are all artists. We freely use our imaginations to — sing, play, dress-up, draw, explore, and communicate. 

As we move into adulthood, these compartmentalizations are fortified as PlAy decreases.

Collages are my way to bring back Play, presenting a form of visual sampling closer to hip hop than painting. In fact all of my ‘work’ can be considered a call back to Play.

To me Art and Work are enemies. 

Systems of Play fall prey to the systems that relentlessly impose the status quo. Art and Play are a ‘kismet-like’ fit — after all … we play music, we don’t work music … I would feel alive performing in a Play, and much less so in a Work. 

… as for the spArrow …  it freed an old soul haunting me and my home, guiding it to a new awakening and freeing me to invite more Play.

*Apophenia is the seeing of patterns in objects and linking it with preconceived ideas that someone already holds and is merely the brain’s way of trying to make sense of what it sees.

** psychOPOMp & hypNOpOMpic are states of consciousness one enters just before falling asleep and just after waking (respectively).

***synesthetes come in a variety of categories.  ‘Seeing’ music as colours, identifying sounds by ‘tasting’ them, remembering numbers by colour are examples of this sensory experience.


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