Call For Artists

Call for Workshop Proposals

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is looking for proposals from artists with disabilities to give a workshop on their area of creative expertise.
Next year Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture will be giving more opportunities to artists by creating more workshops. These workshops are not only an opportunity to learn a new skill, but they are also an opportunity for artists with disabilities to present workshops as well, giving them a paid professional opportunity to work.
Workshop proposals can be about anything that an artist in our community would benefit from. This could possibly be grant writing, press release writing, intro to digital photography, public speaking, screen writing, how to use soft pastels, etc. We are open to ideas and are looking for exciting proposals.
Proposals must include:

  1. Your name and all your contact information
  2. 1 page description of the workshop you would like to present. This description should include a summary of the workshop and specifically what will the participants learn and take away from the experience.
  3. Tell us what qualifications or experience you have to give this specific workshop.
  4. What month in 2021 would you like to do the workshop.
  5. Any requirements you may personally need to give the workshop.

All workshops will be 2 hours in duration and we are planning them all to be done online until further notice because of Covid-19. Kickstart will take care of all the technical setup and ASL for the workshops.
Presenters will be paid a CARFAC fee of $322 for the workshop.
This includes all preparation, the workshop itself, and a final report on how the workshop went and any feedback you would like to offer us about your experience.
Proposals should be submitted in writing and sent via email to
Subject line should be “Workshop Proposal”
Kickstart will review proposals as they come in until November 15th. 

If you have an idea, please get it in to us as soon as possible!