Call For Artists

Calls For Artists from Kickstart and Our Community
To apply follow the instructions laid out in the summary.
*please note Kickstart has no involvement in selection for Calls from Our Community*

Call for Artists, 30 & Under

To kick off the beginning of our 23rd year, we are having a group exhibition of younger emerging artists with disabilities and calling it New Wave!

We want to engage and work with the next generation of artists with disabilities and share what great talents are up and coming. We are looking for artists with disabilities that are age 30 and under only for this exhibition. We want to see your photography, painting, drawing, stitching, sculptures, whatever it is you make!

This will be a juried exhibition, artists will be paid an honorarium (minimum CARFAC fee), and all participating artists must be current Kickstart Members. Not a member? You can still apply!

The exhibition will take place April 2021 and be online only based on Covid restrictions.

Here is what you need to send us to be considered for the exhibition:

1. Four (4) images of your artwork. The name of each file should include your name and artwork title. Such as John Smith – Landscape Rolling Hills.

2. A list of the artwork you are sending us with title, medium, size. These must correspond to the titles of the images.

3. An artist statement or a bio about yourself, your art, your education and past exhibitions, if any. We want to get a better understanding of who the artist is.

Applications should be submitted via ONE PDF document as an email attachment. Images may be attached outside of PDF, but it is preferable they be included in one document.

Should you require accommodations or assistance to complete this application, contact us at

Submitt application via email to with the subject line “New Wave Application”.

Application Deadline:
Tuesday April 6th, 2021*

*Application Deadline has been extended – was formally March 1st*

Please note only completed applications will be accepted. Due to volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.


Themed art show: For the last two years the JCC has celebrated Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) through an art exhibit that interrogated and explored the theme of community longing and belonging.

We asked artists of mixed ability: How do we make meaning of the concept of community, the real and the imagined spaces we inhabit? What are the possibilities for belonging in an everchanging world. This year, the world changed immensely and transformed our ability to interact with one another in the most basic of ways.

In Vancouver, we are nearing a year since the COVID pandemic shut down our own city and transformed all aspects of our social world. However, while we were isolated in our homes we also saw our creativity flourish. From city streets to impromptu performances to honour frontline workers, and even by the content of our social media, we all felt a creative tremor.

This year we challenge artists of mixed ability, perspective, faith and social location to share a visual record of community longing and belonging to mark this local historical moment and to celebrate the resilience of our community.

Artists will be given a 16×16 canvas in the month of February. Art will be exhibited at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in March. Throughout the exhibit, visits to the gallery will be by appointment, and the work will have a digital presence on the gallery website.

We will also share a long distance online experience together. Artists may price their work. Half of the proceeds from the sales will go to the artist, the other half to the Gallery and to support the Inclusion Department’s low barrier and free Art Hive programs. Artists whose works don’t sell will be asked to retrieve their pieces after the show.

All canvases must be turned in by February 26, wired and ready to hang, accompanied by an artist’s statement with bio and any reflections on the pandemic, sent to the e-mail below.

For more information and to pick up your panel contact Leamore Cohen, Inclusion Services Coordinator:

** Kickstart will have a small number of canvases available to our Artist Members should you wish to arrange pick up/drop off with us – Current Members, Check your Email for details on how to go through Kickstart! Or contact Leamore on your own to participate!**

(From Our Community)

Outsiders and Others


From Heart Shaped Movies


SHOOT DATES: July 5 – Aug 6, 2021 (TBC)
LOCATION: Winnipeg, Manitoba
GENRE: Coming-of-age road trip drama

SAMARA (Supporting)
Female / Late 20s – 40s / Actress with Down Syndrome / Open to all ethnicities
The leader of a group of drifters who live their lives on the open road. Samara is charismatic, mischievous …and clairvoyant. A talented artist, she predicts the future through detailed drawings. In the end, we realize she is more cunning than she first presents herself.

TRUCK STOP (Supporting)
Male / 40s – 60s / Actor who uses a wheelchair / Open to all ethnicities
Weathered and probably a heavy smoker, Truck Stop lives and travels with Samara. He is a former long haul truck driver and prone to violent outbursts.
NOTE: Role requires some fight choreography overseen by qualified Stunt Coordinator

BILL THE COOK (Supporting)
Male / 50s-60s / Actor who identifies as blind or partially sighted / Open to all ethnicities
Friendly and personable, Bill is the cook for the group of drifters. Rough around the edges, he is the type of person who makes friends with anyone he meets.


  • These are speaking roles. However, ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED. People who have an interest in acting or who would like to start are welcome to apply.
  • Production is COVID-compliant and will follow all province of Manitoba COVID-19 on-set safety guidelines and protocols for film and TV productions.

 Please send any headshots/pictures, demo reels, resumes or information about yourself to