Nothing Without Us – Ranger Station Art Gallery

Margeaux Wosk

Inspired by the 1960’s and 70’s, Non Binary Artist Margaux Wosk combines their Autism acceptance (mission and advocacy work) with their bold art which displays a unique interpretation of pop culture from the past. Combining unconventional colour palettes, vibrant imagery and the occasional whimsical animal, each piece is an energetic reflection of “Retrophiliac”, Margaux’s creative pseudonym. 

Immersed in creative expression since a very young age, Margaux comes from a line of artists, citing their multi-talented mother as the biggest inspiration. Aiming to break down barriers, reduce and hopefully eliminate stigma- Margaux utilizes their art to open up the conversation of what Autistic people are capable of in an unconventional way. Creating real change can start with a rainbow of colours, textures and an open dialogue.

Instagram: @retrophiliacart
Twitter: @retrophiliac 

About Kickstart Disability Arts

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a Vancouver based arts non-profit that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with disabilities.

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