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Ysabelle Vautour

My process often begins with taking photos I like to capture the stuff of slam poetry that visceral true authentic experience the kind of untold story fascinates me. I use an art journal where do a lot of reflection is a kind of art therapy to process how I’m feeling. Then I move on to […]

Applied Art and Design:
Multi-Media and Digital Arts:

Cherie Crocker

Throughout my life I have tried to emulate a holistic lifestyle. One that does not harm the environment but honours the resources of our land. Sometimes I expressed this through a vegan diet, due to my distaste for factory farming processes, but eventually I began to eat animal products again. When I did so I […]

Trish Malcomess

What drives me as an artist is my concern for the human condition and finding inspiration in the resilience of human nature. Emotional in nature, my interdisciplinary practice expresses fragility, isolation, fragmentation and compartmentalization, while inspecting the phenomenon and social mechanisms of sexual predation developed and established by society through sophisticated social and cultural practices. […]