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Rose Poon

Rose Poon is a Chinese-Canadian and Hong Kong born cartoonist and illustrator who works enthusiastically with fine art paintings, digital arts, textiles, storytelling, and collaborative site-specific performance. Her work, in general, shows her love of animals, nature, and children. Since 2011, her work reveals genuine evidence of true love towards animals as Rose had developed […]

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Johnny Tiger

My name is Johnny Tai, I’m a totally blind, partially deaf martial-arts instructor living in Richmond, BC. I have recently concluded an Arts Residency with Vancouver’s Grunt Gallery (concluded April 15th, 2023), have recently participated in a “Disability Arts Market” at the BMO Theatre (February, 2023) and will be taking part in a group show on the theme of […]


Veronique West

Veronique is a non-binary artist, facilitator, and peer mental health advocate of Polish descent, based on unceded and occupied Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territories. Their practice is informed by their lived experience of mental health disability and chronic physical illness. Veronique collaboratively creates and dramaturgs in-person and digital performances. Through fragmented aesthetics, their work explores […]

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Stephanie Vandamme

I just feel that I am always looking to understand more about myself and this world. Making collages feels like going on a journey. It starts from a point of not feeling part of this world – mostly because of my hearing challenges. But then when I sit down somewhere on a bench in the […]

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Bug Cru

I’m Bug, an interdisciplinary visual artist, illustrator and tattooist; weaving my creative practice with my heart, voice and livelihood. I bring myself with the perspectives of being a white, mixed, mad, disabled, queer and trans person. Feeling the world visually, art has always been an intrinsic focus. I am drawn deeply to the complexity of […]

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L.J. Throstle

L.J. Throstle is a Vancouver based artist working predominantly with spray paint and stencils to create one of a kind spray paint and mixed media pieces. L.J.’s works include animals, people, surreal landscapes and still life. She currently works out of The Beaumont Studios on West 5th Avenue, and has won awards with the Federation […]