Cherie Crocker

Cherie Crocker

Applied Art and Design:

Throughout my life I have tried to emulate a holistic lifestyle. One that does not harm the environment but honours the resources of our land. Sometimes I expressed this through a vegan diet, due to my distaste for factory farming processes, but eventually I began to eat animal products again. When I did so I obtained meat from small organic farmers so I knew how the animals were treated, or I obtained protein through traditional practices such as hunting and fishing. I canned my own salmon meat, and prepared the moose, deer, and elk. My interest in the natural environment extends beyond diet to the many hikes and camping trips I have gone on in my life. The landscape of Canada is beautiful and I treat the land and it’s inhabitants as a precious resource. I have hiked many beautiful spots in Newfoundland, and am excited to do so again when I am able to return. I have been involved in various protests regarding oil, such as fracking, the contamination of Salmon spawning grounds. I have been aware of various injustices to Aboriginals in our nation, such as the reserves up North with very little money or resources to provide a decent quality of life for their inhabitants. I am concerned and have been deeply involved as an advocate and friend with the addictions and abuse of aboriginal women in Vancouver’s DTES. This has been though organization such as the Salvation Army, The Lookout, and as a speaker at conferences with those who work at the Carnegie. I respect native artistry having learned from many myths and legends, some Mi’kmaq and some pan Indian, I am an avid reader of many traditions. I have continued all these practices in my art, it flavours what I make. It is who I am.




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