10×5: Art & Disability An Artist Talk 2020

Taryn Goodwin

Taryn Goodwin (she/her) is a queer, inter-disciplinary social practice artist and community organizer invested in supporting connections that celebrate and centre well being, leadership and re-imagining mental health and community-care in learning ecologies and educational politics.

Across all her works, Taryn highlights and addresses The Body of Knowledge as a value-based practice using collaborative structures, critical pedagogy, interviews and empathy as tools for gathering, learning, and meaning-making. Experimenting with the possibilities of attendance, participation, student, and meaning-making across disciplines and publics Goodwin is often found using the virtual classroom and community trainings as a model for dialogue, participation and systems change.

About Kickstart Disability Arts

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a Vancouver based arts non-profit that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with disabilities.

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