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The Renaissance, one of the greatest outpouring of art in human history, emerged out of the Black Plague.

It is interesting that corona means a white circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body. With this in mind during this season of surreality, isolation and changing paradigms, walking with my camera has kept me building resilience as a survivor.

Walking the coastline. Taking in the air. The sights. The sounds. The birds. The water.

As I walked, I started noticing changes in the landscape. I became aware of graffiti. Some old. Some new. It’s funny, I never noticed them before. I’ve walked this path a million times.

Through my lens, I began witnessing an unparalleled outpouring of creativity connecting humanity despite social-distancing. Minimalist sculptures being erected. Signs and symbols appearing. Children’s hope tossed in random places. Something new every day. In the midst of this dawning of the corona epoch, I feel privileged to experience this phenomena while documenting the unfolding of the core of humanity.

Signs of the Times – Distancing
Signs of the Times – Mandala
Signs of the Times – Mermaid
Signs of the Times – Minimalist Sculpture
Signs of the Times – Vitamin C
Signs of the Times – Graffiti
Signs of the Times – Children’s Art
Signs of the Times – Minimalist
Signs of the Times – Tiny Sculpture
Signs of the Times – Urchin
Signs of the Times – Rock Sculpture
Signs of the Times – Smile

About The Artist

Born and raised in South Africa, Trish lives in the Comox Valley where her practice is often inspired and informed by the natural environment to be found on Vancouver Island. Her concern for the human condition is often reflected in her interdisciplinary work, blurring boundaries between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, painting and life. She is interested in people and finds inspiration in the resilience of human nature. As an Interdisciplinary artist and horticulturist she has been exhibiting her work in South Africa and Canada since 1977. She studied Fine Arts through East London School of Art, South Africa, North Island College Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA through Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada.


About Kickstart Disability Arts

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a Vancouver based arts non-profit that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with disabilities.

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