Murals Without Walls 2022

Murals Without Walls
Meet The Artists (Online Talk)

Friday, August 12, 2022
4:30 PM  6:00 PM (PST)

Spend an evening with the artists, and community members behind year two of Murals Without Walls. Murals Without Walls is a collaborative project co-created by multiple organizations to begin to create a more accessible pathway for folks who experience barriers due to disabilities to produce and exhibit public art in Vancouver.

The program features a series of capacity-building mural workshops, hands-on experience in art creation, and an opportunity to create public artwork for exhibition at The Vancouver Mural Festival’s main event. This event is FREE and open to all!

ASL and CART transcription will be available.

This digital event will be hosted on CURIKO

CLICK HERE to register to attend!

Program Info
Expansive, playful and low-barrier art-making in community – from wherever you can join us!

For the second year, Kickstart is thrilled to present, Murals Without Walls! This unique program involves 3 FREE digital low-barrier process-based creative art making workshops which prioritize prioritize Mad, D/deaf, and Disabled participants who are artists – whether you are a professional artist or are just starting to dabble in art making!

Following the studio workshops, Vancouver Area registrants will be invited to apply to a professional jury for the opportunity to create a portable mural featured in this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival in August!



We are thrilled to introduce you to the 2022 Murals Without Walls participating artists! Scroll down to learn more about them, and be sure to check out their websites & social media to learn even more.

Meet Althea Adams!

Althea Adams is a visual artist who rediscovered herself spiritual and mental wellness, that led to her natural abilities and talents in drawing, painting, pottery, prints, poetry and more. After trying her hand at few mediums, acrylic pouring and acrylic painting is what she uses today for her paintings Althea sees her art as a spirit, aspects a reflection of her and her journey, that is now seen visually as an expressive art form shown through her eyes.


Meet Keimi Nakashima-Ochoa!

Keimi is an immigrant settler whose art practice focuses on exploring racialized identity, multi-sensorial experiences of art, and artistic labour. Focusing on textile materials like weaving, tufting, and sewing, as well as printmaking, writing, Keimi is interested in the perceptions of ethnicity and gender that exist in art-making, and how “accessibility” and “art” relate.

Instagram: @earsighted

Meet Margaux Wosk!

Margaux Wosk (they/them) aka Retrophiliac is an Autistic self taught Artist, designer, writer, content creator, etsy shop owner as well as a disability rights activist and advocate. They work in very vibrant colours, usually acrylic and paint markers on canvas board or wood panels, but have also ventured into the world of procreate. Their main focus has been their shopretrophiliac store, designing enamel pins, patches, stickers and other merchandise. They aim to start the conversation of what disabled people are capable of through their art.

Instagram: @retrophiliacart

Meet Rose Poon!

Rose Poon is a cartoonist and an illustrator who works enthusiastically with fine art paintings, digital arts, textiles, storytelling, and collaborative site-specific performance. Her work, in general, shows her love of animals, nature, and children. Since 2011, her work reveals genuine evidence of true love towards animals as Rose had developed relationships with dogs at a dog shop where she had worked for many years.

Instagram: @doggyasi

A BIG thank you to our project lead, Wendy Oberlander and to all of our partners, supporters & sponsors – without them this project would not be possible!

If you have any questions about MWW please contact Kickstart at [email protected]

About Kickstart Disability Arts

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a Vancouver based arts non-profit that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with disabilities.

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