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Capturing the light is everything, it may seem it is everything, it  truly is an exploration of concepts, surfaces and memories of what the experience is in that very moment .As a plein air painter, it is always the light and in the moment, that I remember most about any location. It is my inspiration, what mood, what elements, strong winds, calm and sunny, or the early morning mist. I apply what I see and experience, there is a spiritual uplifting in the process of connection and the energy is different with every location and experience. I pace myself with nature. My body of work is an exploration of abstract contemporary and landscape in Surfaces. My viewers and patrons experience this sense of being in that very moment of connection.”
Karen Colville

Karen Colville, a Canadian Artist Designer, living with a disability. She is a survivor adapting to living with Post concussion syndrome and Vestibular affecting her balance, walking, stability, and an incomplete spinal cord injury, health challenges from a previous accident affecting her mobility.

Karen is  also very Health focused in natural health Self care Herbalism, earning many certificates of achievement and swimming to live in optimal health focusing on her strengths.

 Karen has participated in Abilty related events for five years, won 5 awards 2018-2019 for her experimental film, multi media arts music shorts international film festivals, activities including Hiking and kayaking. Karen has regained her status as  international recognized Artist, she started international exhibiting at the prestigious Ghaf Gallery in the UAE, 2010, her work is Collected in Private Collections in British Columbia 2020.

 Karen participates fully in community, she has also taught kids, outdoor and environmental art in workshops and also contributes her art in support of a Women’s organization in the DTES with her art to increase the status of Women. Karen also gives art talks on her private arts channel Bright light Babe on Youtube dating back to 2010.

Karen’s Canadian Nature Art , paintings exhibited her art in Miami Art Basel, Zurich, and a 30 page feature published in United Kingdom Land Escape art with an interview, the first time in the magazine’s 30 year History. Karen also won a Global Artist award with Lux Life in the UK with an invite to exhibit in 2020 London England.

  Karen Colville’s art,captures beauty in natural environments, as well as the way her exploration of the relationship between real landscape and abstraction invites the viewers to question the relationship between unprocessed environments and human presence, providing the viewers with such a multilayered engagement, both on the emotional aspect and on the intellectual one.

Karen is also a designer of wearable art with over 1000 original designs based on her art using multi media, nature, culture, diversity as her themes. Vida  for Home Decor and High end designer clothing and she designs on Red Bubble to supplement her income. See links below

Karen is presently working on her production, a multi media Tribute in the voice of Gospel, Visual Art, Multi media performance presentation,  paying tribute to her Mentor, American Artist Jean Michele Basquiat, Karen knew Jean-Michele from 1983-1988.

We were introduced in 1983 at a private dance club  in Yorkville, Toronto, where we danced together, and again in 1988 at the Press Club in Buffalo, NY. Where we had a long conversation about art. I also loaned him my Vinyl Music records 1983-1988 in a music exchange where he DJ’ed in the NYC club scene with a mutual friend, We were Artist friends, we talked about art together, he was my earliest influence, as my decision to become an Artist, he just kept coming into my world. I had a very difficult time grieving, for many years blocking out the tragedy of his untimely death. I was not one of his love interests, he had many Women and girlfriends. I felt it was time to honour his legacy in my own way.”

In the early 1980s, Basquiat became a cause célèbre on the international art scene. He first gained attention as a graffiti artist, distinguishing himself as a sort of sophisticated rebel, charming the New York art world, and famously developing an association with Andy Warhol, before dying of a drug overdose in 1988 at the age of only 27.

The story of his rise from street and graffiti artist to international art “star” virtually overnight, as well as his abrupt and tragic demise, caused a sensation that continues to generate considerable interest— Basquiat had an important influence on the development of Karen’s early life as a Visual Artist and her decision to go to art school in her twenties, as a Nature Artist, Contemporary and in Popular culture.

Learn More About Karen:

Archives of Karen’s Art: www.karencolvilleart.org

 Official Art Website: https://www.aquilalightpictures.com

Home Decor and Designer clothing:https://shopvida.com/collections/info-83

Red Bubble:  KarenColville1.redbubble.com

Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/Karen-Colville-Artist-146941619779

Email Contact: [email protected]


 Note : Any Collector that Purchases Karen Colville’s with Kickstart will receive a 50% discount, exclusive to Kickstart, for example, a painting priced on  Karen’s website that sells for $1000.00 will get a selected painting at the special price of $500.00 offer applies on selected paintings only.

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