Kagan Goh

Kagan Goh is a multidisciplinary artist: published author, spoken word poet, playwright, actor, mental health advocate and activist. Kagan has been published in numerous anthologies, periodicals and magazines. Select Books in Singapore published his first book, Who Let in the Sky? Goh is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a number of releases, including the award-winning Mind Fuck (1996) and Stolen Memories (2012). His films have been broadcast on national television and gained entry into respected film festivals across Canada. Kagan was diagnosed with manic depression in 1993. His personal mission is to educate people about mental health issues and fight the stigma against the mentally ill.

Kagan was also the first recipient of Kickstart’s Geoff McMurchy Artist Development Grant in March 2020




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About Kickstart Disability Arts

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a Vancouver based arts non-profit that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with disabilities.

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