Trish Malcomess

What drives me as an artist is my concern for the human condition and finding inspiration in the resilience of human nature. Emotional in nature, my interdisciplinary practice expresses fragility, isolation, fragmentation and compartmentalization, while inspecting the phenomenon and social mechanisms of sexual predation developed and established by society through sophisticated social and cultural practices. […]

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Deborah Leigh

Deborah was born in Prince George B.C., in 1951. Deborah started to draw and paint very late in life, in her 50’s, as a form of therapy to help relax. Since then, it has become an obsession, and with that some joy and a sense of peace. When creating something, on paper and canvas, I […]


sylvi macCormac

sylvi macCormac received international awards including Honourable Mention for ‘Waves of Kokoro’ in France 1999 and Remarkable Woman, Vancouver 2012. Published in collections as Canadian Music Centre, with commissions from CBC Radio and National Film Board, credits include documentary film Patience & Absurdity 2012 and Uts’am/Witness CD 2004 with artists including Buffy Sainte-Marie and Barry Truax. Creator of WHEELS […]

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Athena Cooper

Athena is a self-taught acrylic and digital painter based in Vancouver. Although she trained as an animator and has done freelance work in web design and illustration, in recent years she has developed a passion for the look of stained glass. Through her paintings she seeks to capture its characteristic interplay of light and vibrant […]

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Patrick Thomas Wood

Within the field of psychology, visual art share several areas of investigative interest, one of these is visual perception. Within this field I have been investigating the concept of Gestalt. Nature, abstraction, mathematics; all lend themselves to this poignant reference point of patterns. From prehistoric to modern times, civilizations have employed repetition and patterns as if to convey a secret […]