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Membership Benefits

• Access to workshops and webinars for free or at a discounted price.
• Monthly Newsletter from Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture.
• Inclusion in our online Artist Directory (if you want!).
• Contribute writing to our blog, as a Guest Blogger.
• Opportunity to get free or discounted ticket for cultural events.
• Opportunity to submit work to Kickstart Exhibitions and Events.

Options for Membership

Kickstart provides several options for becoming a member! Each provides membership for 1 full year.

$10 Fixed Income
$20 Individual
$40 Pay-It-Forward¹
$150 Organization
$150+ Friends of Kickstart²

¹: Pay-It-Forward membership allows you to sign up a friend OR donate one to an Artist who is unable to access membership (Artists will be able to join the wait list in August 2018).

²: Friend of Kickstart membership is tax deductible for each dollar donated over $20 (e.g. $400 Friend of Kickstart membership is tax deductible for $380).

By becoming a member, you contribute to the strength of our funding applications, as funders often want to know how many members we have. You can also attend our Annual General Meeting, speak your mind, and vote for new board directors!

To become a member, sign up at any of our events, or fill out our membership form and send it along with a cheque to:
Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture
PO Box 2749
Vancouver, BC V6B 3X2

Alternatively, you can fill out the following form and Purchase your membership below:

$10 Fixed Income Membership$20 Individual Membership$40 Pay-It-Forward Membership$150 Organization Membership$150+ Friends of Kickstart Membership

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